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Pakistani speed dating london

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Brown Bridgets, however, have more to moan about, working around religious and cultural limits leaves them with a small pond to fish in when it comes to finding their Mr Right.Samina (not her real name) is 32-year-old lawyer in Manchester and her experiences are typical of many Asian women.

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Despite the many challenges, including shade-ism, that British Asian women face, many find suitable partners and enjoy happy marriages.It can be successful and some do meet the man or woman of their dreams in their mother's living room over a nice cup of tea.However, a parent's idea of a suitable boy or girl can of course be very different to what their offspring has in mind.For young British Asian Maha Khan, setting up an Asian speed dating company was an obvious move.'Shade-ism' "Successful, career-focussed Asian women want to find their equal," she says."A lot of Asian men want you to move into their parental home, some because they love living at home and being looked after, some because in Asian culture it's the son's duty to look after ageing parents.

"I'm independent and successful and it's daunting to think I might have to up sticks and move to another town to move in with my in-laws as soon as I'm married." Matchmakers Statistics seem to be against Asian women too.

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In Asian culture, skin-shade snobbery is rife, with the general consensus the browner you are, the less desirable.

One website offers a drop-down menu of skin shades.

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